A New Home Base...

Hey if you're reading these, thanks! We use this as a way to bring people more into our world on a not-so regular basis :)

The band right now is working on finding a new home here in Austin. If you don't know, our first love FADO shut down a couple years back. We were there for 3 consecutive St. Paddy's Day shows as well as a ton of monthly shows over a few years. The crew was super nice, the bar managers worked with us, the food was incredible, and we loved the crowds that came it. It was really a great spot. We flirted with Stereotype for a few months, but it was only a fling. After being in limbo we locked into Craftsman. Thus began the era of the house party! Hot, sweaty, packed, but always a blast, Craftsman treated us right but eventually they closed their doors too. A live music bar is hard, yall.

Now we're in search of another place. We know having a steady show makes it easier to know where we are and for us on the business side, that consistency helps us build a show that can attract even more people. The unfortunate part is Austin, really. The number of live venues that take a pro cover band are few and far between. Our show is a full on party. It's not the cool, artsy, self expressional music that feeds the local scene. We need a venue with space, cool bartenders, a good stage and a place that our crowd wants to actually go!

So bear with us these next few months. Not only is it holiday season and outside gigs are OUT of the question, but we'll need to try out a couple new places before we decide what works best. Because we've already bounced back before, we're confident the next place will be dope. 2020 should be a banner year for Chandler and the Bings! Thanks for coming along with us, can't wait to hit the stage again soon.