Getting to do fun stuff

This last half of the year is gonna be pretty exciting. We've got so much new opportunity and are just stoked to be able to take advantage.

First things first, RIP Craftsman. Our first show was April of 2018 and after a short 15 month run where we played 10 shows, our time there has come to an end. The bar closed this past week and we were glad to have so many great memories there. The stage was small, but the crowds were fierce. It was a hot, sweaty, house party type vibe and we'll miss the great singalongs there. But this stuff happens in the business; it's a tough game even here in the "live music capital". We're on the hunt for a new home base and are currently courting a few new suitors :D. All of us believe that we need a bigger venue to really reach our full potential (see Picks in San Antonio). This band thrives at a place that can support all the awesome people who come out and support us. We also have WAY more fun on a big stage and can't wait to hit some larger real estate soon (jumping around is super fun). As far as the fun stuff, there are a couple festivals and special events we're especially looking forward to. We were just recently added to the Austin Margarita Festival (September 14th at the Austin American Statesmen on Congress). This should be a chance to show a bunch of new people how much fun we have. Huge stage, drink and food vendors, you can't go wrong. Later in October we'll be taking our furthest drive from home out to Brenham, TX for the Texas Arts And Music Festival (October 18th). The lineup is stacked and this will definitely be all new territory for us. Another big stage with tons of new faces is something we really enjoy. It's the closest thing to an actual tour haha!

Just know that it's because we have people like you who interact with us and go to shows that make these things possible. We're driven to keep working on new songs and having y'all out there supporting us makes it worth it. Up next is a country version of Glycerine. Will we keep it? Probably NOT (just like scotty doesn't know) but the ideas are always flowin'. Come see us if you can. :)

RIP craftsman