Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Maybe Livejournal was early 2000s but hey, we play a 2001 Jimmy Eat World song so let's not worry about dates too much. Technically, being a "f r i e n d s" branded band, our content should span from 1994-2004. It does open the possibly of some good songs...

Anyway, we're not sure if people read these types of things. Or if they even care enough about a 90s coverband but we figured there's enough traffic to warrant yet another channel inside the brains of what goes on with us. Our instagram stories would be the video companion piece to this blog, but that's mostly for promotion and to show how fun our shows are :)

These blogs will be quick updates on what we're working on. Like Twitter but in long form so your feed doesn't get all messed up. Thanks if you made it this far :) Maybe more than just ONE of us will come and write some musings from time to time.

Right now, we're planning on adding at least one song for these July shows. It's a secret but I can tell you it has a cool flamenco guitar solo. It's a song that we have to pretty much write each part somewhat different than the original; definitely one that will be "ours" and not a straight cover. It'll take some time but I think the core idea is pretty fresh and will hopefully go over well. The others in the pipeline are SUPER ambitious. Not having a horn section or keyboard player really highlights how complicated most music in this genre is. Our "white whale" would be to cover Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai. It's insanely complex and groovy and it has a ton of iconic piano which is hard to transpose. Even IF we get it to work, is it even a song people remember? That's our main struggle and how we decide on which new songs to play. Are the hours of practicing and re-writing/arranging a song worth the chance of it just not doing well? That's what happened to the Cranberries songs, as well as Say You'll Be There by Spice Girls. Sometimes even though we love 'em, they just do hit...and they gotta go.

We haven't played in a while and are genuinely stoked to get back on stage. Hopefully, we can report back on a successful practice and 2 killer shows. 7/20 at Craftsman in Austin and 7/27 at Picks in San Antonio are up next. Hopefully, we'll see you there.