Making The Best

Energy is something this band has really made a point to focus on from the start. All of us have been in bands before and gone to shows our entire lives. Energy at a live show is all we have left as musicians to get people to come out. It has to be a SHOW because these songs can be listened to for free, anywhere and anytime.

That being said, it's easy to lose energy or to have it lax. After a string of awesome shows where the crowd is going nuts, how do we respond when nobody claps? When people don't show up and there's an empty dance floor? Or what about when you have a bad sound check, or are running late? If one of us isn't 100% healthy or we've got stuff going on at work or at home? There are a ton of factors that can attribute to that energy falling off. Performing is definitely work and although mostly cathartic, can be pretty draining physically, emotionally and spiritually.

This weekend was a great test for us. 2 band members weren't at 100% physically. We had a frustrating sound check that ran late and to top it off, we were playing during a huge UT football game. We did have some friends come (THANK YOU BTW) but it was a completely empty dance floor when we hit the first beat. Any one of those factors could have been an excuse to "phone it in" but for some reason, that's not what happened. As Jay pointed out "we played like people were already there". We brought energy and by the end of the 1st set we decided to skip the break because it was going so well.

It's those "opportunities" that show all four of us really love playing first and every other benefit comes second. It's also encouraging to know that if we go hard, it'll pay off. People had a choice to stay or leave and we got people to stay last weekend. That's a great feeling. We hadn't had a start like that in a long time but it was good that we did. We had to make the best of what we were given but trusting that if you put forth everything you got, it'll come back to you. Thanks for coming to our shows, thanks for singing, and thanks for allowing us this opportunity to play music...we promise not to squander it.