Next Year!

Now that the holidays are over, we can finally get back to the grind. All of us in the band have families and it's always crazy the last couple months of the year juggling vacations and private shows and normal jobs. It's going to be an exciting year.

Instead of a drawn out recap of accomplishments, the Bings are really looking ahead. This year was definitely fun and we were able to move this band forward in a few different areas, but there's always more we can do. We're excited for a new home in Austin (Speakeasy *fingers crossed*) and bringing some more production to our show. We are most focused on making the jump from bar band to whatever the next step is called. We want automation, bigger and better light shows and just more to the overall atmosphere and experience. The band is buying gear and always striving to keep things fresh.

So even if we play in Austin and San Antonio every month, know that we'll continue to improve the show every month. We're at a point with the band now where we can have some real fun and putting on the best show is always our main goal. We'll of course be adding new songs every so often. As it stands, we have a list of about 60 and only have time to play about 48-50 a night. It's gonna be fun no matter what.

We say this a lot but we mean it. THANK YOU. Thank you for allowing us to do this. If these shows in Austin do well, who knows what opportunities we'll have. We know we'll be at St. Paddys at the domain again this year :) We only hope we can keep these shows no cover and a blast for everyone.


Friday January 24th - Speakeasy - Austin

Saturday January 25th - Picks Bar - San Antonio