Our Love for San Antonio

Each one of us has had experience playing in San Antonio. We're fortunate as musicians to have 2 completely different markets so close to each other. Our previous cover and original bands have played shows down south and all agree that it's definitely different but in a good way.

In January of 2016 after only playing about a dozen shows, we got a request through our website to come down to San Antonio. We didn't know that this gig would be the most consistent run we'd have as a band. In August of the same year we played our first show and although the drive home wasn't fun, we all agreed that the venue was a perfect spot for us. The crowd was definitely different from Austin, but it was clear that they dug what we were doing. Picks Bar (and Jessica the manager) held us to a higher standard. Only bands that could bring the party would be asked back so we knew we had to take advantage of the larger stage and bigger venue. Luckily for us, we played well enough to be invited back and now it's 3 years and 14 shows later still going strong.

Although we've had private parties and events down in San Antonio, we knew that keeping our crowd excited about our shows was important. The more we played, the more we saw the same people come back. We've met so many people that are cool enough to come back and see us, it's really awesome. Staying at one venue was always an easy decision. We love the large stage, the awesome sound guy Sergio, the great bar and wait staff and our boss, Jessica. Our show last weekend was another killer show and we've arranged to be back even MORE in the coming months. As our runs in different Austin bars come and go, we know we can count on Picks in San Antonio every 4-8 weeks. A home away from home just doesn't do it justice.

Seriously thank you for supporting us if you come out to these shows. It's because of you that we get to keep coming back. See you in a few weeks, we'll have new songs.

Chandler and the Bings