So good to be back

Friday night at Speakeasy was absolute magic. To have not played in Austin in so long and return to that kind of reception is incredibly humbling and surreal. What a party! It's that kind of energy that makes this so damn fun and we can't express how grateful we are to have family, friends and fans (it's weird saying that) come out and see us. With everything there is to do in this city and online, getting people to come out is getting harder and harder every year. But if we work hard and try our best to put on a show, it gives us a chance to have nights like we had last weekend.

All this does is make us want to do even MORE. More new songs, more production, more cool stuff to make each show better. We've got some fun stuff that we're working on already and 2020 is looking to be our best year yet.

Oh side note, if you didn't get one of our new Lapel Pins or Koozies or you don't live in Austin/San Antonio, we'll have a webstore open soon :D


Chandler and the Bings