"Writing" new covers

Most people think of cover bands as simply playing through the songs. Most cover bands are probably like that, and I can speak for all of us who've been in original bands and other cover bands...it's not a bad deal. I wrote a paper in college about the difference between original and cover bands; I'm not here to argue merit either way. We support anyone out there playing music and expressing themselves in an analog world where the digital world gets more and more attention. While we have a couple "straight" covers, most of our stuff is actually written...an original cover band.

Chandler and the Bings started in 2014 on a platform of the cover of Natalie Imbruglia's "torn" Pat and Jay wrote with their band in Hawaii. They were tasked to do a cover song for a battle of bands in 2008 and that version, still played to this day, was re-arranged and reconfigured from the original. That formula was then used to create more and more versions of pop songs to where it's become the distinguishing characteristic of The Bings. There's something about getting in a room with a bunch of musicians and hashing out a song just as you would if it was written by one of the members. We have to create an intro, verse, chorus, bridge and transitions along with an ending. The only difference is, we have to stay loyal to feel, beat, melody or hook to ensure it's still recognizable. So that's what we do. Make this part heavier, this part quieter, skip this interlude or funky bridge that doesn't make sense or (my favorite) opt not to play the chorus for the 5th time!

We're currently "writing" a version of Don't Speak by No Doubt. Will it turn out to be a version that makes it to our set? Who knows. We know it was a huge hit. It spent 15 weeks on the Billboard charts from 1996-1997. It has the most iconic music video of their collection and it's a singalong. It's also perfect for our demographic and aligns with other covers we do (female fronted love songs). We know that it needs to be a little heavier but still needs to groove. So after one practice we do have an intro and a verse, but there's still a lot of work to do on it. The main point is, it's super fun to have everyone throw out ideas and try one version after another until we're all grinning. That excitement of "OH do that again!" is a high we all chase in this band. A cool original idea that's just damn fun to play...which is why we're doing this. It's just straight up fun. Hopefully, we get a version fun enough to share with everyone.


July 20th - Austin - Craftsman

July 27th - San Antonio - Picks